VOT2015 Benchmark

Welcome to the official homepage of the VOT2015 benchmark. This benchmark was used in the VOT2015 challenge which is now over. The results were presented at a VOT2015 workshop on December 12th, 2015 in Santiago de Chile, Chile in conjunction with ICCV 2015.

VOT2015 Workshop

VOT2015 highlights

  • In addition to the VOT Challenge we also organised the first VOT thermal imagery tracking sub-challenge VOT-TIR2015
  • An improved version of the cross-platform evaluation kit, which executes the experiments much faster thanks to a powerful new communication protocol between kit and tracker
  • The dataset was enriched with new videos (in total 60 sequences in the VOT Challenge and 20 sequences in the VOT-TIR Challenge) and bounding boxes labelled
  • The dataset is per-frame labelled with attributes
  • All the participants who submitted results that exceeded a reasonable threshold on performance automatically became co-authors of the joint paper that was published in the workshop proceedings
  • Participants are encouraged to submit their own workshop papers
  • A prize was awarded to the best-performing tracking team on each challenge


The VOT2015 award and the VOT t-shirts were sponsored by the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana.