The VOT challenges provide the visual tracking community with a precisely defined and repeatable way of comparing short-term trackers as well as a common platform for discussing the evaluation and advancements made in the field of visual tracking.

The goal of the challenges is to build up a repository of considerable benchmarks and to organize workshops or similar events in order to push forward research in visual tracking.


Announcing VOTS2023!

After the 10th anniversary, we feel the community is ready for convergence of tracking subfields that the previous VOT editions kept apart to ensure focused advancements. Thus major changes are planned.

The new VOT challenge will contain a single (currently dubbed VOTS) challenge. This challenge will involve RGB tracking by segmentation of several targets in the video and the targets may disappear for long periods of time and return into the scene. New performance measures and the new dataset that will test your short/long-term segmentation-based multi-target trackers are being created.

According to our current timeline the challegne will open on May 4th and close on June 8th. More details will be available soon.

Citing VOT Challenge

When using any of VOT benchmarks in your paper, please cite the VOT journal paper as well as the relevant VOT workshop paper describing the relevant benchmark.

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