VOTS2024 GenArt Challenge

Inspired by recent developments of generative art and to promote VOT X channel, we are introducing VOTS-GenArt2024, an exciting challenge for showcasing creativity and artistic flair of the tracking community. The challenge is open to everyone, including researchers, students, and practitioners.

Use generative art models to create images or video, such as those containing the VOTS logo, variations of it, references to the VOT/VOTS sequence, etc. The context is not restricted to tracking topics. The challenge seeks unconventional, mind-bending creations that defy the norm. The weirder and more innovative, the better! See the VOTS2023 GenArt page and previous submissions for examples and inspiration.

Important Dates

  • Challenge opens: 13th of May 2024
  • Submission deadline: 8th of August 2024
  • Results announcement: 30th of September 2024