Setting up VOT workspace

You can download the VOT toolkit with pre-compiled components from BinTray.

  • Latest VOT toolkit binaries: Download
  • Latest TraX library binaries: Download

Alternatively, you can download just the sources from the VOT toolkit GitHub repository.

Download zip VOT toolkit

From now on we are assuming you have toolkit in vot-toolkit directory. It is recommended that you add at least this directory to default path list in Matlab/Octave. Then create an empty directory that will be used to perform your experiments. We will call this directory vot-workspace.

  1. Run toolkit_path to ensure that all the required subdirectories are in matlab path (you must be in vot-toolkit directory or have have the vot-toolkit directory in the path list for this to work).

  2. Go to vot-workspace directory. Run Matlab/Octave and execute workspace_create command.

  3. Select an experiment stack that you want to use (e.g. vot2013 denotes the VOT2013 benchmark experiment stack).

  4. Enter the unique identifier of your tracker (e.g. NCC for normalized cross-correlation tracker that is supplied in the tracker/examples directory).

  5. Select the interpreter used in your tracker (or none if the tracker is compiled into an executable).

    Workspace setup guide

The script will automatically initialize the toolkit environment, generate a workspace configuration file vot-workspace/configuration.m and a configuration file template for your tracker (e.g. vot-workspace/tracker_NCC.m). Note that your tracker is not configured yet, for more information on how to correctly set up the tracker, you should check the integration tutorial.