General presenter Instructions

The location of the workshop is available here. For the details of your presentation, please follow the workshop and tutorial guidelines of the main conference and the following specific instructions:

Oral presentations

  • Please check that your presentation works with the projector 10 min before the start of the session.
  • For further questions and enquiries, please, contact Roman Pflugfelder.

Spotlight presentations

  • Slides need to be converted to video. This will enable us to load all talks onto the same laptop without any configuration/format issues while allowing presenters to use whatever graphics/video tools they choose to generate their presentation. You will be allowed to bring up notes for the talk.
  • Presentations are timely limited with the next speaker’s video starting automatically after five seconds. The videos will be combined into one large video that will play each in turn; there will be no presenter control and the next presentation will just start.
  • The session chair will NOT introduce you, therefore, please introduce yourself at the beginning of your presentation, perhaps with support of a title slide. There will be NO time for questions.
  • If you require any special assistance during your talk, please let the session chair know of this before the session.
  • In addition, please remember to prepare a poster of your paper which will be presented in the poster session.

Slides Format

  • You are required to send a video recording of your slides in MP4 format using a 1024x768 resolution. The video should be exactly 5 min long. Longer videos will be truncated.
  • Hints: If you prepare your presentation using MS PowerPoint you can time your slides and save the presentation as a WMV video directly from PowerPoint.
  • Some instructions on how to do this can be found here. You will then need to convert the WMV video into MP4 (with e.g. FFMPEG)

Video Submission

  • Create a single “.zip” file that contains your presentation video, named CMTNUMBER.mp4 where CMTNUMBER is your CMT submission number.
  • To upload the file Use the VOT CMT system, go to the Author console Click under column “Actions” on “Edit Camera Ready Submission”
  • Go to the “Files” section and upload your “.zip” file there
  • Deadline is 15 October 2017

Poster session

  • Please attach the poster to the corresponding stand, before the workshop begins. Organisers will be present 25 min before the workshop. The corresponding stand will show your CMT submission number. Check with the organisers, when you cannot find your poster stand.
  • The poster session will take place during the coffee break.
  • Poster stands have a dimension of 2 (width) x 3 (height) m. You can use any poster size within these bounds, but we recommend using a horizontal layout (e.g. 2 x 1.5 m).
  • A PowerPoint template is provided here.